Lincoln Cars

A brand established in Michigan in 1917, the Lincoln Motor Company is under the Ford Motor Company and is noted as a luxury vehicle. Ford purchased this company in 1922, but Lincoln operated almost as a completely separate company. Being a luxurious car brand, they are the most popular brand for taxis. This means that normal trading insurance might not cover all aspect and so a taxi may require special insurance called taxi insurance, such as bollington insurance. There are many types of taxi insurances that Bollington provides, some of which include: taxi fleet insurance , Private taxi, Public hire, Minibusvan insurance, Coach And more.

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Popular Lincoln Cars of the Past

Lincoln has come to be one of the oldest car brands in the world and remains strong with sales and new models. Some of their models in the past have included:

Lincoln Continental


Continental Mark II

Continental Mark III

And more.


For an 18-year period between 1980 and 1998, there was a downsizing issue with Lincoln involved because of the fuel economy. This included General Motors as a whole.

The Last of Its Kind The Lincoln-Mercury Model

From that time period on until 2012, Lincoln sales had quickly fallen behind certain markets. After a redesign of the company changing into a part of the Premier Automotive Group, they were able to create Lincoln cars alongside import cars to compete with the European and Japanese competitors.

In 2002, it was the end of the Lincoln-Mercury.

Taxi Vehicles and Lincoln Motor Company

Since 1991, the Lincoln Town car has become one of the more popular brands of taxicabs. This is because they're a luxury vehicle to this day as they still remain a top competitor in the taxi world. With revamped styles and looks, their sleek and dependent operation has allowed drivers and customers feel safe. A popular type of insurance for this brand of Lincoln taxis is Bollington Insurance. This is because they cover all types of taxi services whether it is public, private, or more.

Lincoln Model Timeline

In 1998, Lincoln had started releasing models of SUV's. This became popular in the taxi world, also. The model that was released this year was the Lincoln Navigator. This was much like the Ford Expedition. Then in 2005, the Mark LT from Lincoln was created to replace the Blackwood, which was introduced in 2002. This car was more durable as it had 4-wheel drive.


Lincoln is known as one of the top competitors in the motor trade. Being under the parent company of Ford, another car under Ford's competitor, General Motors has a car that competes against it highly and has been known to be a rival for years this car being the Cadillac.

Other lesser competitors of Lincoln are

Lexus, Toyota, VW Audi And more. Making a brief appearance in the motorsport world, Lincoln had made an appearance in the Grand National Stock Car series, which then ended in the 90's.

Famous Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln was known to be a Presidential car within the US President George H. W. Bush's presidency in 1989 and was reliable enough to be the safe car with bulletproof glass, armour plating and more. This was custom built for him from Lincoln. This car can now be found on display at his Presidential Library in the United States.

After this reign, the Lincoln Town Car was a safe and popular choice for Taxicabs all around the world.